Slow Down, You Eat too Fast

Who’s got time to eat? In this fast-paced world we live in, with all of the multitasking we do, we never stop to give oursleves a break and actually nourish our bodies. Rush, rush, rush. Scarfing down meals make it harder to control your weight and your health. The following tips will help you put on the brakes and enjoy what you eat.

1. Pre-Meal Pause Before you start eating, take a minute or two to sit back, breathe, and relax. Consider your hunger level before you dig in. On a scale of one to ten, how hungry are you. If you’re entering the meal at a 7 or more, you are more likely to plow through your meal. But, by taking a few minutes to relax before your meal, you can approach eating at a slower, more mindful pace, and truly enjoy your meal without overeating.

2. Put your fork down between bites  It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send your brain the signal that it’s full. When you speed-eat and finish that first plateful in 5 minutes, your brain still thinks it’s hungry, so you go in for the reload. Put that fork down between bites to lengthen out the meal.

3. Serve food in the kitchen, not family-style Portion your food onto your plate before you go to the table to eat. If you can leave the food in one room and eat in another, then out of sight is out of mind. You won’t be reaching for another helping if it’s not in front of you.

4. Turn off the boob tube Watching TV while eating is a big no-no. It’s such a distraction. You don’t concentrate on the pleasure food brings and how good it tastes. You also don’t listen to your fullness cues. You eat too fast and too much. Bye-bye tv time.

5. Enjoy Taste, texture, aroma, color, presentation. All of the things that make up a meal experience. Take time to taste all of the flavors of the meal. By the 4th bite, the ability to savor the flavor drops off.  You’ll get more out of the first 4 chips than the whole bag.


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