Eating on the Road

Like many of you, I am traveling this Thanksgiving. My family and I are currently in Utah visiting family for an early turkey dinner. It was a six-hour drive out here, and tomorrow we hit the road for another six-hour drive home. Not wanting to fall victim to every fast food joint waiting at every freeway exit, I packed the car full of food for  family of five. In one bag I packed apples, oranges, and yummy satsuma tangerines. For the kids who like crunchy snacks, I packed almonds, soy nuts, freeze-dried fruit, whole wheat pretzels, and pop chips. In an insulated bag with a couple of ice packs, I packed some hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, and a cup of almond butter for some good protein.

For lunch we stopped at Subway, where it’s easy to get a healthy meal. If you stick with chicken or turkey on whole wheat or honey oat bread, with mustard, vinegar, and as many veggies that you can get on your sandwich, then you’ll do fine. I’m not a big bread fan, so I turn a turkey sandwich into a salad, and complete it with a piece of fruit. Make sure to skip the chips and soda – saves money and calories. Get a bottle of water and a bag of apple slices (or two) to round out your meal. If you can’t find a Subway, Quiznos, TOGOs, and Blimpie can make a sandwich to your liking. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, but need something fast, you can head over to the traditional fast food joints. You’d be surprised to find that they all offer some kind of grilled or broiled chicken sandwich or salad, some have yogurt and fruit, and even a plain baked potato with a small cup of chili can be a good choice. 

Healthy eating on road trips is no longer impossible. With a little planning and packing, you can assure yourself of eating right, saving money, and getting to your destination on time.


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