Little Changes = BIG Results

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the only way to see BIG results is to make little changes. Huh? Does that really work?

When you find  yourself motivated to make a big change in your life – lose 20 pounds, clean out the garage, run a marathon, stop smoking – you usually through yourself into it with a full head of steam. You only have the finish line in sight. While it’s great to have your eye on the prize, it’s the steps along the way that will ultimately lead you to success. But, this is what most people forget about.

Any big goal has to be broken down into smaller, more achievable goals. If I told  you I was going to lose 20 pounds by summer, I’d have to have a plan on HOW to do it. I’d have to make a list of all the foods I was going to include in my healthy eating plan and which ones I was going to eliminate. I’d next have to go to the store to buy all of those foods. I’d have to have a bunch of recipes to follow so that I knew how to make some of these healthy foods. I’d have to have a really cool water bottle so I’d remember to drink up. I’d have to decide when I would make time to exercise each day. Did I need a gym memebership? An i-pod? A partner in crime? Maybe a new exercise DVD? I’d have to pack my lunch and snacks to take with me to work so I didn’t have to rely on fast food or the vending machine. When dining out with friends, I’d make sure to check the menu and nutrition info on-line to decide ahead of time what I would order.

Do you see what I mean about little steps to get to the prize?

Now it’s your turn. What’s your Big Goal? Write it down. Next write down all of the little steps you’ll need to take every day to help you achieve your goals. Now, post this list somewhere that you will see everyday. Add on to it as necessary.

Some DONT’s:

  • Don’t give yourself a deadline – the added pressure will distract you rather than keep you focused.
  • Don’t say “Never”, as in I’ll never eat another dessert again. Too extreme and unrealistic of an expectation. Expect to fail.
  • Don’t kick yourself if you have a “oops” moment. Small failures along the way are normal. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. When something happens to derail you from your path, the first thing to do is to own it. Ok, I blew it. Don’t dwell on it. Move on. Ask yourself, “why did I mess up?” Identify the road block so you’ll know how to prevent it in the future or have a better plan for going around it next time you encounter it. Get back on your path.

Think little changes and get BIG Results!


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