Learn to Love your Body


How often does that negative, self-critical voice inside your head talk to you? Does it say things like, “You have no self-control – look how many cookies you ate!”, or “Look how big that ______(insert body part) is!”

So many women are unhappy with some part of their appearance and automatically trash it when they look at themselves in a mirror. But, is it true? Does that negative voice know what it’s talking about?

Those critical, self-hating thoughts are not rational thoughts, and need to be dealt with. The key to breaking the habit of putting yourself down is to stop them when they strike. As soon as you find yourself saying something negative – STOP! Imagine a big red STOP sign and force yourself to say something positive about yourself. So, when your inner voice says, “My butt looks so  big in these jeans,” immediately follow that with, “but my arms are so strong and give the best hugs.”

And stop comparing your body to other women’s bodies. Sure, her stomach might be flatter, but you’re taller than her. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, we, too are unique individuals, and need to discover our special qualities.

It’s ok to start noticing all of the good things about your body. Take some time out today and goes over your body, section by section, and say something positive about each part. Think of all the nice things your body does for you – forget about the superficial stuff. Did your legs get you through a tough spin class this morning? Did your arms help someone by carrying packages of food? Did your mind help you or someone else solve a problem at work?

Find the positive.

Changing these automatic negative thought to positive ones will take some time and practice. But like developing any habit (good or bad), it takes practice, practice, practice. to make it permanent. Try it out now – say something nice to yourself.

How did it feel?


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