9 Ways to Sneak in Exercise


You know that a major part of achieving good health, mental clarity, stress reduction, better sleep, a smaller waist, and longevity is through activity. Not everyone loves to exercise, especially when that brings up images of people walking on a treadmill and going nowhere. So, I’ve come up with some great ideas on how to sneak in exercise in a more creative and fun way.

  • Fidget – you can burn up to 350 extra calories a day just by toe-tapping, crossing and uncrossing your legs, moving around in your seat, walking while on the phone, or drumming on the table.
  • Host a dinner party – grocery shopping, cooking, setting the table, and serving it up will keep you on your feet for hours and have you burning an additional 300-600 calories. Enjoy the evening with a glass of champagne (110 calories for 5 oz.).
  • Go window-shopping Hit the mall and check out the goods. You’re not obligated to buy anything, but you can make a mental wish list.
  • Go to the amusement park or local fair Who knew that a day of standing in lines and walking around could burn up to 600 calories? Just don’t negate it with funnel cakes and deep fried candy bars.
  • Grab some friends and hit the park for a game of pick-up basketball or flag football.
  • Take a hike – When the weather is good, head for the hills to see the blooming flowers. A 2 hour hike can burn up to 500 calories. Don’t forget the water and sunscreen!
  • Spring cleaning It’s that time of year to give the whole house a good cleaning, including the garage. This size of a project is best broken into more manageable chunks, so plan to do it over 1-2 weekends.
  • Sign up for a 5K or 10K race Giving yourself a goal and training for it will really ramp up your calorie burn and loosen up those jeans!
  • Try out a new exercise DVD There’s so many new fun kinds of exercises – kick boxing, turbo jam, boot camp, Zumba, pilates, yoga. You can buy them at places like Target and Wal-Mart or online at www.collagevideo.com, or go to your local public library to rent one.

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