Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here. April 22nd will mark the 40th anniversary of this day that’s focused on preserving and improving the health of our planet. Over the years, we’ve been made aware of the dangers of plastics, PCBs, greenhouse gasses, and styrofoam, and the importance of the three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Are you doing your part?

During this month, make a commitment to making changes that will help the environment and save the Earth. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Switch to “green” household cleaning agents and detergents. Some brands to try include Method, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers.
  • Buy BPA-free plastic bottles or stainless steel water bottles.
  • Change out your conventional lightbulbs for energy-efficient ones.
  • Look for cosmetics that are petroleum-free.
  • Buy products made from sustainable ingredients, such as bamboo.
  • Look for ingredients made from recycled goods. These include clothing, shoes, and household goods.
  • Recycle your tennis shoes – Nike offers a program where they will take your old sneakers and turn them into material for playground flooring.
  • Stage a community clean-up.
  • Support your local farmers by going to the farmers market for fresh produce and eggs.
  • Donate your old clothing – there are so many charities that will be happy to accept your cast-offs and give to those in need.
  • Donate your old glasses and cell phones.

Commit to make a few changes. Do your research and get inspired for other ways to get involved. Get your family and friends involved, too. Make it a group effort. The more the merrier!

Good luck and Go Green!


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