$ave Money by Sweating

Do you want to save some money? Then get sweaty. That’s right – workout.

Did you know that people who workout regularly have a lower risk of depression and better manage their emotions. So, instead of spending approximately $1,200 a year on a therapist, you can sock that money away in an interest-earning CD and have more dough for later.

How about exercise helping you kick the urge to smoke? A recent study found that a 10-minute bike ride cut smokers’ cigarette cravings. So, if you choose to exercise instead of smoke, then you’ll save about $1,500 a year that would have gone up in smoke.

The most obvious reason that exercising saves you money is your overall health. People who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure, less risk of developing diabetes,and reduced rates of cancer and heart disease. Less medical tests and medications, and fewer hospital stays and days in a nursing home means reduced health care  costs and more money you can use on that retirement trip around the world!

Published by Complete Wellness, Now!

As a Registered Dietitian for the past 22 years, I am proud to be a Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Coach. With me, you will never diet again! In our coaching sessions, we work on setting realistic health and wellness goals and making the behavior changes that will get you to those goals. No starvation, no deprivation. Just real food and clean eating. My motto is "Eat Right...Get Active...Feel Great"

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