Spiced Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

On a cold morning, I want a dish that’s warm and filling- and fast to prepare! Oats give you those good carbs for energy and some protein, as well as cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber. The apple adds important antioxidants and more fiber. The cinnamon helps control your blood sugar and makes everything taste great. The groundContinue reading “Spiced Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal”

Sunday Brunch

I just finished baking my famous Banana mini-muffins and the aroma in the house is amazing! The kids are devouring the muffins and breakfast hasn’t even been made yet! I’m also making Mini mushroom and sausage Quiche, cooked in a  muffin tin for easy cooking and great presentation. Along with that there will be anContinue reading “Sunday Brunch”

Saturday= Daddy Breakfast

On Saturday, it’s my husband’s turn to cook the kids breakfast. He pulls out all the stops! Here’s his menu: Scrambled eggs Turkey bacon Morningstar sausage links Hash browns Fresh fruit                  If we’ve had a sleepover and are feeding a few extra kids, I usually make some pancakes or french toastContinue reading “Saturday= Daddy Breakfast”