Cooking Class – Fall 2016

I’m baaaaack! I apologize for not holding any cooking classes during the summer months, and thank  you to everyone who inquired about when the next class will be held. Now that school is back in session and the kids are all settled, it’s time to get back into the kitchen and COOK! The class daysContinue reading “Cooking Class – Fall 2016”

Fall 2013 Cooking Class Series

If you were able to join me during any one (or all) of the cooking classes this summer, then you learned many new recipes that were not only nutritious and delicious, but easy. And of course, who can forget the signature cocktail being featured at each cooking class?Alas, the summer Cooking Class series (June, July,Continue reading “Fall 2013 Cooking Class Series”

Why Aren’t You Eating Breakfast?

  How many times have you heard, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”? Did you know that on any given day, approximately 20% of Americans skip breakfast and that teens and young adults are most likely to skip eating that morning meal? Health Benefits of Breakfast Data from the Breakfast Research Institute ( reading “Why Aren’t You Eating Breakfast?”

Plastic – When to use

Last night’s dinner. You made too much, so you wrap up the rest for tomorrow. The pizza went in a zip-top plastic bag, the rest of the salad in a plastic container and the remaining cooked veggies stayed in the bowl and got covered by plastic wrap. Into the fridge and see ya tomorrow. Well, now it’sContinue reading “Plastic – When to use”

Put your Fridge on a Diet

        Which one is yours?    When was the last time you took a good look inside your refrigerator? Do you still have some items in there from when you moved in? Are you good about checking expiration dates? Is that last week’s leftovers? Or is your fridge so bare that you have to orderContinue reading “Put your Fridge on a Diet”

Think Green Today

As it is St. Patty’s Day, it’s time to eat and drink all things green. Green fruits and veggies are jam-packed full of anti-inflammatory phytochemicals and disease-fighting antioxidants, as well as a lot of fiber and water. Now, you can keep it pretty basic, like making sure to eat plenty of green veggies at lunch andContinue reading “Think Green Today”

A Well-Stocked Pantry

With a well-stocked pantry, you can whip up a no-fail, well-balanced meal in just minutes. Canned goods, grains, and cereal will last a year on the shelf. Nuts should be refrigerated or frozen once opened. When buying spices, try to buy small quantities, as they lose their flavor quickly.                                          Canned Goods: Beans (low-sodium, ifContinue reading “A Well-Stocked Pantry”