Double Down for a Double Bypass

Let’s all welcome KFCs new entry into the world of coronary fast food: The KFC Double Down. This is great for all of you low-carb fans out there. This sandwich has 2 fried chicken patties (acting as the buns) with 2 kinds of cheese, bacon, and a special mayo sauce in the middle. At just 540 calories, 32 gContinue reading “Double Down for a Double Bypass”

Reduce your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Do you have a friend or family member with Alzheimer’s disease? If you do, then you know upsetting of a condition it truly is. They call it the “long, slow good-bye” because it’s a disease that slowly robs the person of their memory and their ability to function. I know – my grandfather suffered for manyContinue reading “Reduce your Risk of Alzheimer’s”

RD vs. Nutritionist – What’s the difference?

First of all, Happy Registered Dietitian Day! Yes, March 10th is RD Day. How cool is that? Second, I love my career. Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness is my passion and has been so for over 20 years. The science of Nutrition is unique in that it is so dynamic. We learn so much everyday. ResearchContinue reading “RD vs. Nutritionist – What’s the difference?”

Eat the Colors of the Rainbow

Every time I speak to a group of elementary school children, my message is simple: “Eat the Colors of the Rainbow.” It’s such an effective message because they can visualize what I’m talking about. Most of us know that we should be eating more produce each and every day. Sure, we’ve heard the message aboutContinue reading “Eat the Colors of the Rainbow”

A Well-Stocked Pantry

With a well-stocked pantry, you can whip up a no-fail, well-balanced meal in just minutes. Canned goods, grains, and cereal will last a year on the shelf. Nuts should be refrigerated or frozen once opened. When buying spices, try to buy small quantities, as they lose their flavor quickly.                                          Canned Goods: Beans (low-sodium, ifContinue reading “A Well-Stocked Pantry”

To Drink or not to Drink?

The holiday season brings with it invitations to lots of parties, family gatherings, and social events. With each one, an abundance of food and alcohol awaits. The question that I get from many people is, “Should I drink?” Well, that’s a question with many answers. Drinking, whether you prefer beer, wine, or hard liquor, canContinue reading “To Drink or not to Drink?”