Reduce your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Do you have a friend or family member with Alzheimer’s disease? If you do, then you know upsetting of a condition it truly is. They call it the “long, slow good-bye” because it’s a disease that slowly robs the person of their memory and their ability to function. I know – my grandfather suffered for manyContinue reading “Reduce your Risk of Alzheimer’s”

Plastic – When to use

Last night’s dinner. You made too much, so you wrap up the rest for tomorrow. The pizza went in a zip-top plastic bag, the rest of the salad in a plastic container and the remaining cooked veggies stayed in the bowl and got covered by plastic wrap. Into the fridge and see ya tomorrow. Well, now it’sContinue reading “Plastic – When to use”

Tip #7 – Exercise your Brain

Eat right + Exercise = Healthy Body. But what about exercising your brain? If you want to stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, then it’s time to put your brain through its paces. Activities that force you to use your brain to learn something new or make decisions increase blood flow to the brain, strengtheningContinue reading “Tip #7 – Exercise your Brain”

Tip #6 – Healthy Home

Keeping a healthy home environment really will make you a healthier person. Think about all of the things that we are exposed to in our homes – cleaning products, plastic bottles, canned food, cosmetics, clutter, pesticides, tap water, toys, food. Did you know that most of these items contain chemicals known as endocrine disruptors? EndocrineContinue reading “Tip #6 – Healthy Home”

Tip #5 – Manage Stress

“I’m so stressed!” I bet you’ve heard that a few times, or even uttered it yourself. What exactly is stress and why is it so bad? Stress is simply the forces of nature that affect an individual. Stress can be external (work, family, friends, traffic, etc.) or internal (self-image, self-talk, expectations). It’s how stress manifestsContinue reading “Tip #5 – Manage Stress”