Why Should I Keep a Food Diary?

I can’t tell you the number of people who are resistant to keeping a food diary. Oh, the excuses I’ve heard. “It’s too hard.” “I’m too busy.” ” I forget.” “I don’t want to write something down after I’ve blown it.”  Sound familiar? We need to turn around this negative mentality. Keeping a food journalContinue reading “Why Should I Keep a Food Diary?”

Home Remedies for Digestive Issues

Who doesn’t suffer from some sort of digestive problem? Gas, constipation, bloating, heartburn, “gurgling” sounds in your gut. You name it, we’ve experienced some or all of these at some point. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. Over-the-counter products don’t really work. So, what does? Here are some home remedies that are all natural and safe to use toContinue reading “Home Remedies for Digestive Issues”

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are upon us again.  Where did the year go?  The holiday season began on Halloween (candy, anyone?) and ends around January 2nd.  During this time, most people look forward to the endless stream of parties, football games, get-togethers, and gatherings, all of which means food, and lots of it.  That also means the dreadedContinue reading “Preventing Holiday Weight Gain”

Creating Supportive Environments

Our present environment encourages a high fat, high calorie, sedentary lifestyle; one that promotes obesity and its related diseases. In the past, lifestyles were physically demanding and food was not readily available. Even 100 years ago, our ancestors didn’t just reach into the refrigerator or cabinet to snack. Before supermarkets, sub-zero refrigerators, and fast foodContinue reading “Creating Supportive Environments”

Slow Down, You Eat too Fast

Who’s got time to eat? In this fast-paced world we live in, with all of the multitasking we do, we never stop to give oursleves a break and actually nourish our bodies. Rush, rush, rush. Scarfing down meals make it harder to control your weight and your health. The following tips will help you putContinue reading “Slow Down, You Eat too Fast”

Welcome to my site!

Are you looking for the most reliable nutrition, fitness, and wellness information? Are you tired of dieting and feeling frustrated? Can’t seem to lose the weight and keep it off? Tried every diet in the book? Well, stop looking. It’s time to live, be happy, and succeed! As your nutrition, fitness, and wellness coach, IContinue reading “Welcome to my site!”